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In the spring 2017 budget, a Memorandum of Understanding on further decentralisation to London was announced, covering construction, infrastructure financing, activity rates, criminal justice and a number of other areas. As part of the document, the government committed to working with national organisations and London partners to agree on a second Memorandum of Understanding focusing on the decentralisation of health in London. Since former Chancellor George Osborne first laid out his vision for the Northern Powerhouse in 2014, there has been a step towards transferring some powers and responsibilities from Westminster to key urban areas across England. Further decentralization to GMCA was announced as part of the expenditure review. The agreement also outlines considerations for the creation of an investment fund for civil service reform and how the government will support the GMCA in developing and implementing an integrated approach to prevention services for children and youth. GMCA will perform an analysis of all qualification offers after 19 years. The agreement commits to discussing other areas of cooperation and grants GMCA the status of an intermediary body. Travelwest is a transport information and advisory service supported by the WECA authorities as well as North Somerset. [14] Potential benefits of the decentralisation agreement include: North Somerset cited in particular the imposition of the mayor of the west of England as the reason for withdrawing from the decentralisation agreement. The agreement includes decentralised responsibility for a consolidated transport budget with multi-year billing, responsibility for franchised bus services and full decentralisation of the budget for adult qualifications over 19 from 2018/19. The proposed combined authority will also set up a West Midlands Investment Fund, bringing together resources for economic growth, skills and employability, regeneration, transport and housing, for which the central government will provide an additional £36 million over the year. Other elements of the agreement include the decentralization of business support programs and a commitment to consider greater data exchange in support of civil service reform.