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An AP may prescribe drugs, devices and controlled substances if it has been approved by a practice contract and under the supervision of a physician. Goes. Code 54.1-2952.1 A. Before starting the practice, a medical assistant and her attending physician must enter into a written or electronic practice contract that defines the roles and functions of the assistant. Virginie needs an active license to practice medical assistance. The Board of Directors no longer requires that practice agreements be submitted for approval prior to practice. However, a practice contract must be developed by the medical assistant and the nursing physician, kept in the office or by both parties and be available to the board of directors on request. Similarly, invasive procedure forms must no longer be submitted to the Board of Directors before the medical assistant carries out such procedures under permanent supervision. However, the process for a doctor attesting to the ability of a medical assistant to perform the invasive procedure safely and competently, for example. B to observe the medical assistant at least 3 times during the intervention, remains an obligation of the nursing doctor. For each invasive procedure, a form must be completed and kept at the office or by the parties and made available to the committee upon request.

3. The practice agreement shall also provide for a procedure for evaluating the performance of the medical assistant, including a requirement during which the period is proportional to the acuity of the care and the practice environment during which the nursing physician verifies the records of the services provided by the medical assistant. C. If the role of the assistant includes the prescription of medicines and devices, the written practice agreement shall contain the schedules and categories of medicinal products and products falling within the scope and competence of the attending physician. Dental hygienists employed by the Virginia Department of Health may enter into a remote monitoring agreement with a dentist that allows the dental hygienist to provide dental hygiene services outside of the dentist`s presence and without an initial medical examination by the dentist at a municipal health center, a non-profit security center, a free clinic, a long-term care centre, an elementary or secondary school. Head Start program or women, infants and children program. Local anesthesia or salmon gas should not be administered under remote supervision. The dental hygienist must have two years of experience and regular communication with the dentist.

Virginia Code § 54.1-2722 D. If the original agreement of practice did not contain a prescriptive authority, the agreement of practice will be followed by an addendum for the prescriptive authority. Virginie allows the practice of tele dentistry. (Recently adopted; Status not updated) As of August 2018, 71 PRs in Virginia have been granted federal approval to treat opioid addiction with products containing buprenorphine. In accordance with its authority and appropriate training or experience, a NP may, in independent practice, receive a federal declaration of renunciation to issue products containing buprenorphine. . . .