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A subtenant has the legal status of «excluded occupant». An excluded user is someone who lives in the same property as an owner. They share the kitchen, bathroom or any other accommodation with the owner. For more information about tenants, you can read our guide, Taking in a lodger. `Lodger A` started living in the house in front of a few moths, and I gave him several warnings about the noise late in the evening, the cleanliness of the kitchen, but nothing serious. Also, «subtenant B» saw someone once in the morning, she was scared about it, and I said «tenant A» to bring someone into the house without proper alert/notification. You are a tenant if you live with your landlord and share with him a kitchen, bathroom or other accommodation. If your agreement states that the landlord can terminate it for the fixed term, they must follow what the termination contract says. If you believe that the lessor has significantly breached the agreement, you can defend yourself in court by demonstrating that there is a clause in your agreement, known as a «termination clause», which allows the agreement to be terminated prematurely – if there is an interruption clause, the lessor may expel you after the termination provided for in this nb clause If you have completely moved, while the tenant was still living there (without notifying a month in advance).

For example, a change of ownership and a new owner who moves in within 6 months), you`ve probably created a secure short-term lease….