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It wasn`t just the researchers who weren`t happy with the ATMs. Even Leonardo, who is responsible for negotiating the agreements at HHMI, accepted that they were problematic. «It`s a burden in terms of time and administrative resources,» she said. «There are also huge delays. For scientists, this can be critical, especially for post-doctrinals who are under pressure to do things and start their careers. The supply of university resources, especially items with high commercial potential, has also become an issue in recent years, although it is generally easier than cooperating with industry. Universities are under pressure on several fronts to achieve a certain return on their research activities. Simply putting the guidelines into circulation and encouraging those responsible for technology licensing in universities to read them should help to flatten the dissemination of research resources. Many institutions are still new to technology licensing and are making the same mistakes that others have learned through their own painful experiences to avoid them….