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Whether you qualify or qualify your first business unit. An additional company, we can help you. Call 954.474.4420 now to discuss your qualification needs. In addition to a qualification agreement, the qualifier should also have a separate compensation agreement to protect the qualified person and cover any damages and defence costs that could be incurred by the qualifier for all claims claimed for his qualification work. Licenses that your company currently holds: State: Trade: License number: State: License number: State: State: Trade: Trade: License number: License number: Do you now have one or more legitimate people? YesNo type of work you do: work you divide: Do you replace a qualifying person?: JaNein, if so, when did your IQ leave the company? : Do you want the IQ to do field work?: Yes, that IQ supervises your employees in the field?: YesNo that IQ only provides advice?: YesNo State (s) where you need IQ qualification: City or TERRITORy IQ is needed in: Trade (s) You need qualified qi in: YesNo Project Bid Date, Start date, deadline to find your IQ:JaNos of the time you need qi: who replaces the IQ?: If you need a qualification contract for your company, we can develop an agreement that fits your needs, usually in one or two days. To begin establishing a qualification agreement, you need to know the basic terms of the agreement, including the compensation the qualified person receives. To begin establishing a qualification contract, you must indicate the basic terms of the compensation agreement between the company and the qualified and provide the full legal names of the qualified and your company. The qualified persons have a responsibility to perform the state. So you have a responsibility to your qualified person. Your name: Your name: Post/Title: Phone: Ext: Fax: Address: Email Address: Authorized persons may be legal by working as a 1099 consultant or as a full-time employee.

Some qualifiers want to work in the workplace, but are not responsible for the whole company. QUALIFYING INDIVIDUALS – Find one, Be one or become a qualified individual is a big part of the construction industry. There are thousands of legitimate companies in the construction industry that are operated by non-artisans and national companies that constantly need skills in different trades and states. Qualifying Professional Units – Proof of Supervision These individuals either qualify their own licence or are ready to qualify one for you. (Some states license individuals, not companies, so it works a little differently, but the results are the same) Name: Company name: Address: Fax number: Email address/s: Website, if applicable: All contractors who use a qualifier to license their company should have a qualification contract with that qualified person, to ensure that the qualifier and the company understand the rights and obligations that are towards each other. QI – Qualifying Individual, QA – Qualifying Agent, QM — Qualified Manager, QP – Qualifying Partner Below are just a few examples of a Florida general contractor`s qualification agreement.