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B. If the infringement has been repaired by repair or payment of damages or other means and the tenant reasonably repairs the breach before the date indicated in the notice of contract, the lease agreement is not entered into. C. The rent must be paid on the date that would otherwise have been required by the terms of the tenancy agreement until the termination comes into effect. B A. Except as provided in this section or otherwise provided for by law, a lessor cannot retaliate by increasing rent or reducing services, by bringing or threatening to bring an action in possession or by threatening to terminate the tenancy agreement. 55.1-1253 or 55.1-1410 after dividing (i) the tenant complained to a government authority responsible for enforcing a building or residence by-law for a violation of premises that seriously harm health or safety, (ii) the tenant filed a complaint against the landlord or filed a complaint against the landlord for breach of a provision of this chapter. (iii) the tenant organized or became a member of a tenant organization or (iv) the tenant testified against the lessor in the course of legal proceedings. However, the provisions of this subsection should not be interpreted in such a way that the lessor does not increase the rent on services that apply to comparable market rentals or to all tenants in the same way.

In the event of a termination of the tenancy period, either by the expiry of the tenancy agreement or due to delay by the tenant, the tenant must immediately evacuate the premises, remove all personal belongings and leave the premises in good and clean order, except for reasonable wear and tear. If the tenant is not evacuated, the landlord can sue for damages, including reasonable legal fees. C. If, at the time of the forced sale, a tenant is in force in an isolated dwelling unit, the enforced execution is carried out as a termination of the tenancy agreement by the landlord. In this case, the tenant may remain in possession of such a dwelling unit under the terms of the terminated tenancy agreement until the successor landlord announces the termination of such a monthly monthly lease. If the successor decides to terminate the monthly lease, the termination is made in writing in accordance with the lease agreement or the provisions of P. 55.1-1202 or 55.1-1410.B. The owner may require this authorized contact person to provide appropriate proof of identity.

Subsequently, the authorized contact person (i) identified in the rental agreement, the tenancy agreement or other landlord document may have access to the dwelling unit or the rental rockets managed by the landlord and (ii) rightly claim the personal property of the deceased tenant and, moreover, deal with the deceased tenant`s affairs with the landlord.